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Opting Out of the Delano Dentists Directory


Delano Dentists allows dentists to delete their unclaimed listings from the directory. To request removal, send a message through our contact page specifying the profile to be removed. Our team will authenticate the requester's email domain and business website to confirm their identity matches the profile.


Email addresses like [dentistname]123@gmail.com are considered unofficial and unacceptable. If you cannot provide a business domain email address, additional verification will be necessary.


After verifying your identity, we will notify you when the listing removal from the Delano Dentists directory is complete.


Verification: A Crucial Step


Verification is essential for protecting the Delano Dentists database from spammers and marketing firms engaging in negative SEO against rivals.


Negative SEO - Delano Dentists


Understanding Negative SEO


Negative SEO, or Black Hat SEO, includes tactics such as deleting listings or altering contact details to redirect traffic and decrease competitors' search rankings.


An accurate Delano Dentists profile can attract 5-10 inquiries monthly, even if unclaimed, thus increasing your chances of acquiring new patients. Gaining a new patient means your competition loses one. 


Eliminating online marketing channels is a typical negative SEO tactic used to reduce web traffic, causing potential patients to choose your competitors since they cannot find your dental practice online.


LOCALSYNC manages various professional directories, including the Delano Dentists Directory. The LOCALSYNC team must exercise caution when handling opt-out requests from non-official [dentistname]123@gmail.com-type emails. Interestingly, over 97% of requesters do not respond to identity verification inquiries when such "fake" email addresses are used.


Update My Profile - Delano Dentists


Updating Your Listing Without Claiming It


Though Delano Dentists can remove your listing upon request, industry-specific directories provide valuable backlinks. These backlinks improve SEO and Google search rankings for your dental practice. Opting for a one-time profile update for a small fee may be more beneficial to your dental practice.


Select "Upgrade My Profile Information" from the Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing page to request the update and follow the ordering steps.


Listing changes will only be made after confirming the requester's identity. Our team will contact you via the email associated with your payment to verify your identity. If verification is unsuccessful, we will refund your payment and cancel the request.


Build Your Profile - Delano Dentists


Claiming Your Profile: The Next Steps


No added action is required on your part. The Delano Dentists team will establish your profile as part of your annual marketing subscription.


Select your dentistry marketing subscription from the Turn-Key Dentistry Marketing services page, submit your payment, and we will take care of the rest, or reach out to you if we have any questions.