Upgrading your Subscription

Happy with your Delano Dentists listing but hoping for more? Look into upgrading your marketing subscription now!


Log in to Your Delano Dentists Account


To get started, sign in to your Delano Dentists account by clicking "Sign In" on the homepage.



Locate Your Delano Dentists Listing


The Delano Dentists dashboard is where you can locate your active dental listings. Click on the user icon at the top of your homepage and then click on dashboard from the dropdown menu. Next, select "Listings" from the side menu.



Reclaim Your Delano Dentists Listing


Click "Claim Listing" beneath your name to view marketing subscription plans.



Choose Your Marketing Subscription Plan


This page will explain your marketing subscription plan options so you can choose the right one for your dental practice. Click on "Select this Plan" at the bottom of the appropriate subscription box.



Upgrade to the Marketing Subscription Plan


Delano Dentists uses Stripe to make paying your subscription fast and safe. Once you have confirmed your subscription details, price, and payment method, click on "Pay with Card."



Then, type in your credit card information and email address before clicking on "Pay" to complete your upgrade.



If you have any questions, the Delano Dentists Team is available to assist.